About Krisproductions

Hi my name is Kris from Krisproductions and Lego is my life! I am dedicated to bringing innovative, creative content to all my viewers. Ever wonder how the now semi-popular Youtube channel and the Lego obsession of a eighteen year old boy began? What caused me to be one of the biggest Lego Star Wars Builders in the world?

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Lego started as just a simple toy for me when I was just starting school. Like pretty much every kid today, I played with Lego and really enjoyed it.


At the age of 12 I discovered Youtube and the Lego treasures that could be found. My life would never be the same. in 2009 I created my Youtube Chanel Krisproductions. For the next six years I have become part of the most diverse, unique, and complicated online community. I have seen trends rise and fall, set prices skyrocket and tank, met fantastic life-long friends and have had unbelievably fun times.

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Kris with Falcon

Today I run my entertainment across many social media platforms, and have become a visible member of the massive online Lego community. Building has become a way of life for me now. I work relentlessly to produce the next biggest and most jaw-dropping creations.






































Vision Statement: Krisproductions aims to be an online Lego community leader and one of the best Lego content producers on the internet.

Mission Statement:   Using hard work, friendly and open communication, and consistent dynamic innovation to build and share the best Lego creations in the world.

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