About Kris

Hey guys! My name is Kris.
I have been a long time fan of Lego and Star Wars so Lego Star Wars seems like a pretty good combination for me. Starting Youtube in 2009 at the age of 12, I discovered a community of other fans and builders like me. I couldn’t believe it. Watching inspirational animators and builders put the Star Wars universe into bricks… changed my life now that I look back. With the release of The Clone Wars I was driven to build some “clone bases” which I stuck to for years following that.

During the release of the Clone Wars series I drew inspiration every week from the new episodes and put it right into my builds. Man… those were great times. I have always had an open Skype policy where I add anyone who wants to talk. This has lead to MANY MANY awesome times. Really introducing me hundreds of people in the Lego community.

Lego conventions soon appeared on my radar and those introduced me to a whole new section of the Lego community. I really like the Lego community. Joined my local group the SALUG and later AIMBOT to see what else the Lego world had to offer. I eventually got together with a group of friends and we put a group called RebelLUG. Joining in with online friends to create something more than the sum of our individual parts. We are some interesting people… all with an interest in plastic bricks.

So… What’s next? I’ve built some big Star Wars stuff, made some life long friends and traveled the world all because of Lego. What more can I do?

The Builds

The Jedi Temple is my current large project but I have quite an extensive list of future projects aside from whatever future SW movies have to offer. Builds like Christophisis, Mygetto, Mandalore ect.. My list of ideas is practically endless. Now as for non SW builds… there are many builds that I have been putting off till the point where I can have a permanent spot for them. Builds like Helms Deep, Moria, Bag end etc..

Now for the biggest project on my list. *If you are a hardcore SW fan don’t read this* I REALLY would like to build a Lego city. Don’t worry. It’s not modular buildings and sets on a table. Take me. Someone who does terrain on large scale for SW then you add that to an interesting Sifi story and years of watching and learning from amazing builders of other genres. I would love to put that all together in my biggest creation yet. One that would never be taken apart. A giant mother of Lego, City. (If it helps imagine a city on a Star Wars planet mixed with the city from the Lego Movie.) Trust me. This will be the greatest build that I am capable of doing.

The Cons

When I was younger (teens) I thought that there were NO Lego shows or builders within my Province. Boy was I wrong. There are 4 Lego User Groups, each participating in 3 Lego events per year with 20 members each just within the province. Got our neighbours the Slug and on the other side a whole wack (pun intended) of west coast Lugs.

BrickCon and BrickCan- Both a fair distance away, but AMAZING events which I hope to return to many times in the future.

Brickworld Chicago- Wayyy too far away, but.. I’ve had some AMAZING times there so it would be great to go back. (No promises)

Brickspo, Brickroundup- Great small Canadian shows! Close, friendly and AMAZING. If these shows run, I will go.

Calgary/Edmonton Lego Shows- Depending on who’s running it and time of year I love to take part in the local Lego communities.

I would love to expand to more Cons.. but it costs LOTS of money. At this point (late 2017) I am pretty eager to cut back and go to less Lego shows. Overseas shows sound amazing, and I would love to go to Virginia one day.. but until then I am happy to sit back and build instead.

The Dream

Well.. I don’t want to let you know yet. Just so I don’t psych it out. You can probably guess from these other paragraphs. (Not Lego designer)

Oh and the personal life?

I don’t really talk much about my personal life. I am probably your average person outside of the Lego community. Currently in college for business and hope to one day get to combine my work with play. Oh yes and CANADIAN.


That’s me! (I think?) I hope you know a bit more about me now. If you have any questions I do read all my comments on any social media platform. 🙂


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