Base in Progress?

by on Jul.21, 2012, under Updates

So you guys are wondering…what is Kris working on? Well recently nothing. 🙁 I have been really occupied with…hauls. :/ well thats what has been happening. I got a AT-AT and UCS AT-ST, a bin full of star wars sets to build and a bigger bin of pieces to sort by colour. Then a kid who sells me his used sets for VERY cheap offered me a whole bunch of sets. To make matters worse I got 2 huge Lots of Nerf Guns to re-sell and me being as smart as i am I pulled all of the rest of my nerf guns out.

So with Nerf guns everywhere, a bin of pieces poured out over my room and TONS of sets to build I was very occupied! The good part is the fact that I am waiting for a bricklink order to arrive in order to continue working on the base. So overall I am just waiting for a bricklink order in a room covered in pieces to sort.

Now I am finished all the sets and am finishing the sorting of the Lego bin. So life is good apart from a massive pile of Nerf guns. :/

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