Website Overhaul Time

by on Nov.25, 2017, under Updates

Hey guys! I realized that I have this website and that I should probably use it. I am really excited to make this page “presentable” along with adding some new sections. I would love to have some exclusive content such as podcasts to answer some of those basic questions about Lego, the Lego community and myself. In the mean time lets get this website updated.

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May The Forth Be With You!

by on May.04, 2015, under Updates

Happy May the forth everyone! StarWars Day is sure awesome! I am so happy that its this time of year again! All my real life stuff comes to a close and i get to focus in on some serious building! I can`t wait! For those of you who are waiting for something new… well there is so much coming down the pipe!

Ive got the biggest base i have ever built almost finished! and not to mention a whole bunch of builds for a future series in progress! And not just one series! But two! So stay tuned for so much to come!

Im now on Instagram ——– Links in the Link Bar—— To the right—–
As well as on Facebook, Flickr and even bricklink! But don`t be expecting much from that store right now since I use so many pieces in my builds!

May the Forth and Force be with you!


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2015 A New Year for Krisproductions!

by on Jan.29, 2015, under Updates

Hey guys! This is Kris, its the new year now and I am really exited because i am about to change up my whole youtube experience! Mocs coming out at least once a month! Daily activity on Instagram and on my vlog channel! So I am ready to begin being an active youtuber again! Are you ready to see whats to come this year!

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Lego SWOR Defending Alderaan “Hope” Moc

by on May.24, 2013, under Mocs and Bases

I felt like it was time to build something from the Old Republic and after watching the SWOR Hope trailer I was inspired to build this moc. Hope you enjoy! 


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New Base and other Project Ideas

by on Apr.07, 2013, under Updates

Well its time to finish up the Cardia Base series so that means a Massive Base/Moc Is on the way! Now that can be good news and bad news at the same time, due to the fact that i have very little time to work on Lego because of school. The out come will be amazing but the time taken to build it is immense. The date set for its release it May 31st or earlier.

Now on to the other projects, well after some thinking I decided to make a few changes to what Im doing.
1.My vlogs if you watch them on my ALT youtube channel are Way too long. That is changing from now on. They are going to be straight forward and down to the point.
2. My reviews on my silverbricks channel are going to be much better from now on with improved camera work and lighting. As well as improved release timing.
3. My weekly updates are going to be weekly, as the day of the week will be said in the next one on my krisproductionsupdate channel.
4. My main builds are going to branch out more, basically more Mocs in less time rather than completely focusing on the same one for months at a time.
5. M Flickr will be updated WAY WAY more and new posts will be found as often as on my twitter and Facebook page.

Hope you guys like these changes because I sure do!

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I am still here!

by on Oct.08, 2012, under Updates

Okay why there are no videos right now you may ask? Well what happened first is I decided to move my desk out of my building room…. well I did and i am still cleaning from that. Then my hard drive that i have all my videos stopped connection to my computer. 🙁 Still figuring out how to fix that. The thing that has slowed me down the most is school. With tons of homework i have little time to build now, but i have a few days off now so I hope to get caught up with building!

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Finishing…well trying :(

by on Jul.27, 2012, under Updates

Okay since i am leaving soon I am working as hard as I can on my new Base. After waiting 2.5 long weeks I finally got it and am working MY BUTT OFF! I went from a layout to a structure and finished half. But with a lot more work to do i am not sure if I will be able to make it in time. I am leaving soon and yea. So just watch my vlogs to find out what happens next!

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Base in Progress?

by on Jul.21, 2012, under Updates

So you guys are wondering…what is Kris working on? Well recently nothing. 🙁 I have been really occupied with…hauls. :/ well thats what has been happening. I got a AT-AT and UCS AT-ST, a bin full of star wars sets to build and a bigger bin of pieces to sort by colour. Then a kid who sells me his used sets for VERY cheap offered me a whole bunch of sets. To make matters worse I got 2 huge Lots of Nerf Guns to re-sell and me being as smart as i am I pulled all of the rest of my nerf guns out.

So with Nerf guns everywhere, a bin of pieces poured out over my room and TONS of sets to build I was very occupied! The good part is the fact that I am waiting for a bricklink order to arrive in order to continue working on the base. So overall I am just waiting for a bricklink order in a room covered in pieces to sort.

Now I am finished all the sets and am finishing the sorting of the Lego bin. So life is good apart from a massive pile of Nerf guns. :/

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New base in progress!

by on Jul.15, 2012, under Updates

Well I have started on my new moc as you guys can tell from my vlogs but i got a great idea for it! So now after ordering a new bricklink order( 🙁 ) I am just waiting for it to arrive. But in the mean time i am going to start on the fourth moc in the series and a mini moc. Sorry i haven`t been in a building mode for the last week, i was very busy with some personal stuff (not bad) (fun stuff) and now starting here on Monday i am going to get to work. Stay tuned for more updates (going to keep you updated) starting tomorrow they should be daily! :)))))))))))))))))))) Thanks for reading! :)))))))))))))))))))))

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Birthday and haul?

by on Jul.08, 2012, under Updates

It was my birthday on July 5th and i got to thank all of you guys for the support and that congratulations! and now as the comments show….what did i get….well i just got a few $$$ and im putting it towards getting the UCS Lego Death Star 2 yes the second one which is just a model..but i like those style of models…..and one other thing is that i am getting it for cheap from a local add site. Thanks for reading this i will be updating you with current updates! 🙂

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